Chemical Engineering Graduate Course Plan

Course Plan

Quota and Application Terms

Quota Terms Fall 2020

Scientific Preparation Program

Scientific Preparation Program

Qualification Exam

Written exam will be performed in open-textbook format and contains basic Chemical Engineering courses listed below. 

  • Engineering Mathematics

  • Transport Phenomena Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics)

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering

  • Thermodynamics

Oral Exam is conducted by the exam jury. This exam mainly checks the student's basic engineering knowledge and comprises the subjects mentioned above.

Condition to be Successful

Candidates who want to be successful in the qualification exam after the written and oral exams must get at least 60 points out 100. The weight of the written exam is 65% while the oral exam has the weight of 35%. 

Graduate Program Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Yüksel GÜVENİLİR (Coordinator)

Prof. Dr. Melek TÜTER

Prof. Dr. Melek EROL TAYGUN

Doç. Dr. Devrim Barış KAYMAK

Doç. Dr. Alper AYDIN

Doctoral Program Proficiency Committee 

Prof. Dr. Filiz KARAOSMANOĞLU (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Reha YAVUZ

Prof. Dr. Hale GÜRBÜZ

Doç. Dr. Nalan ERDÖL AYDIN

Doç. Dr. Alper SARIOĞLAN